There's an app for that

I just down loaded a counting app for my iphone called Knit Counter Lite. It was free and so far I love it. You can have multiple counts per project and multiple projects. You can also set perameters such as when performing cables you log in the number of rows between cable stitiches and it will automatically zero out so you can start the next set. There's also an area for project info such as pattern name, yarn, needle size and notes. Very cool!

There were a bunch of knitting apps available that I want to explore, if anyone has any reccomendation or reviews please post them


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I have Stitch Minder and I love the simplicity of it. I will look at knit counter lite.

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I have Stitch Minder too, and I like it a lot. But lately I've taken to loading (PDF) patterns onto my iPad and using GoodReader with them. I can annotate with any notes should I need to, and I just make marks to keep my place in text patterns and/or draw a horizontal line on a chart and move it up as I go, so my row counter is also my chart keeper. Very handy.

I'll check out Knit Counter Lite -- always good to know when someone has invented a better mousetrap.

I use Knitting by BBD Smart Solutions (I have to search under "stitch counter" to find it). Looking at the reviews it seems not a lot of people like it lol. I mainly use it as a stitch counter though it has event and multipiece functions. I haven't really tried to explore all of the app's functionality. What I really like about it is that you can create counters for multiple projects and it has a bunch of preprogrammed icons for projects. Adding, deleting, and clearing are all easily accessible and the app is formatted for iPad and the new iPad's retina display.