Adult Chameleon

Hi Guys! This chameleon is responsible for taking up a lot of my free time the last few weeks...

This was a fun, involved knit. But one that I enjoyed making very much. I got to use lots of short rows which oddly enough I enjoy. I sampled and tested a lot of different methods of doing short rows in the past month or so and have since been using a combination of techniques. I used the yarn-over short row method when turning from knit to purl side and a Shadow Wrap when turning from purl side to knit side. I just found that each of these methods look best (most invisible) in these circumstances.

Not sure what I'll make next, but I'm considering the Cuttlefish, the Pufferfish, or maybe a Seahorse or two.

Hope you're all doing well and take care, Ken


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He's charming, Ken!'re becoming very expert with these critters!

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He is so cute. You should put all your creatures together and post a photo. I would love to see them all. Beautiful work.

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Amazing workmanship! I would love to have one of these guys in my 7th-grade classroom. The kids would become quite attached to it, I'm sure. Well done!

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That looks absolutely fabulous!!!! Good on you. Did you make up the pattern?

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Hi and thanks. No, definitely not my own pattern. It's by the super talented Hansi Singh. You can find her patterns on Ravelry if you just search her name.

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Amazing! Does it have an extendable tongue? :)

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No, but I did consider it!

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this is a very cute little guy. It shows great workmanship. I love it.

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Very cute, Ken. If you had some striping yarns - like NORO - you could even make it look as if the little darling was in the midst of changing color.

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Yes that would be a very cool effect! This was Kroy FX sock yarn and it did do some of that, but not as vibrantly as some of the Noros would.

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The Kroy was pretty effective, I see, now that I have a better monitor to view it on. NORO is a bit more vibrant, which is what I think off with chameleons. Regardless, it is great knitting.

ETA: My brother also thought it great...and he doesn't knit.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

You're the man, obviously, when it comes to knitting creatures of any kind. Have you ever considered making a full size elephant or giraffe :-) I am on my first toy, a Koala ( Not a surprise, for me here in Australia ). What do you use as filling? Raymond

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I use a poly fiberfill, Poly-Fil brand to be exact. In the past I have tended to under-stuff the creatures that I make and then was not happy with the results. Now I stuff to the point of possibly over-stuffing with the knowledge that the filling will relax a bit under pressure and turn out just right.

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Wonderful piece. Great job it looks great.


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I love the pattern and you have done a great job!

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Stupendous. Your craftsmanship is a marvel. It inspires pride in the craft. Awesome work.

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Great work Ken. The craftsmanship looks great. I like the curved tail of the animal. And especially how you placed the chameleon in the tree, on a branch. That's very creative...By the way, what are you going to do with him?

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Looks great! You're so talented.

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Wow! Great job! Looks like the real thing, too!

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Thank you very much for the kinds words on the chameleon, guys. I am kind of a lone knitter (that is, I don't belong to any local knitting groups) so please know it is much appreciated!

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I love it!

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Wow he is lovely - so beautifully shaped - I'm impressed. I have seen a few animal knitting and crochet on the internet and this is up with the best. Well done.

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Thank so much!

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Love it!

Good job!