Door County, WI

Just got back from The Door and other then having a super great time I found two great yarn stores. The first is Spin in Sturgeon Bay - fabulous and huge inventory. I had a lovely conversation with yarn lady while she spun a 1200 yd hank of gorgeous hand painted rayon that I purchased - it took awhile. I think we bonded. The second is Red Sock in Fish Creek Harbor - less inventory but a great selection of basics plus they do their best to offer green product. And another fun conversaton.

So if you're in the Door check them out.


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You're a talented photographer. I had to google The Door and now I want to go. The picture is lovely. Did you buy the rayon on spec? Or have you a project in mind?

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Hi Scott,
The photo you took is beautiful. It actually reminded me of the Araucania Ranco Multy yarn you bought. My son had a pleasant weekend in Door County a few years ago with friends. He said it is quite lovely. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Thanks guys, believe it or not that picture was snaped with my iPhone. I can't believe the lens on that thing! Anyway, no, the rayon was an irresistable shade of purple and once I touched it was mine - into the stash it goes.

I can't say enough good things about Door County, certainly one of the best kept secrets in the Midwest. I had been there before in the autumn but deep summer is the best, the highest temp we saw was 78 and the lowest 58. It was such a welcome change to the summer of hell we've been having in St. Louis. If you're a gourmet though, go with low expectations - Viking cuisine has much to be desired. You can always cook for yourself.

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When I head to Door County I try and make that one on my first stops - "Spin". I tend to get side tracked or should I say... relaxed it I don't. Perhaps the wine and beverages has something to do with that while visiting friends! Now that one of the local yarn stores in Green Bay/De Pere closed the quality yarn is getting limited.... arrrggghh. It's really great during the fall season.

Great Photo!

I would have just missed you. My wife and I spend at least two weeks in Door County every year and were up the last two weeks in August and just got back on Tuesday. We’re both knitters and we stop in at either Spin or Red Sock Yarns probably close to every other day when we’re up. Spin is awesome, great selection wonderful set up, some of the ‘local knitters’ in their open knitting days aren’t too friendly if you’re not up there enough, and I didn’t get a very good guy friendly vibe from them but the staff is really great and super nice. Red Sock Yarns was a little bit bigger at their old location but still a really good place to go, they’ll help with anything you ask them. If you’re up there enough the stamp cards for either store can add up fast. I totally agree they are worth checking out.