Scrambled Stripes Scarf

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Had to take a break from all that lace counting. Returned to a pattern I've done before and really like. It is called Scrambled Stripes and decided to make a scarf for a Christmas present for a lucky someone. I usually do this pattern in Noro, two contrasting color ways. This scarf is being worked in 4 skeins (2 each) of Noro's Kureyon colors 149 & 170 on size US 9 Takumi bamboo needles. Gauge is not critical for this project. With 149 I casted on 30 stitches and then knitted 5 rows. The on the wrong side I used 170 Row 1 - knit 2, *p1,k1: repeat to last 2 sts, k2. Next row - Row 2 I also used 170 and knit to end. Next row switched back to 149 loosely carried up the side and then repeated rows 1 and 2 and then alternate the colors every two rows. The key is choosing contrasting Noro yarns that do not cross color ways or the piece can become "muddied" and the stripping lost. It is a easy knit and striking when done - don't you think.

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That is cool. I like the way the colors kind of fade into each other.

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This is a variation on the Fisherman's Rib. But what makes this much more interesting is the use of the colours. By using two different colourways, you get that stripes effect, and with that odd rib pattern, there is that texture created by the colours and how they interact. Very interesting! I like how you can take an otherwise ordinary (and boring) knit pattern, and by using a different colour scheme, you have an entirely new look. Excellent!!

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Very nice. I like how it is blending up and all the visual things going on.

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Thanks for the comments guys. I have also used this pattern with scrap noro left over from other projects. It is a good use of the ends one is left with.


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Looks very nice. I may have to try that this fall!

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Very nice. I'd like to try it one day. I too like the blends and contrasts. Well done