Maryland State Fair ribbons

The bedspread won First Prize: a Blue Ribbon, along with a Special Award: a big Yellow Ribbon, at the State Fair. There are four Special Awards given each year for what the judges consider to be the best entries. Mine won for Best Crochet. Both ribbons are given with a cash prize.

The Fern and Thistle Shawl won an Honorable Mention ribbon.

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! It must have been thrilling to walk in and see your handiwork on display with the ribbons adorning them. You do such beautiful work, I'm sure everyone who will see it there will be in awe. Well done!

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Congratulations, the bedspread is awesome. I love it.

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Hoooray for James!

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Congrats! You must feel proud. Well deserved. Nice work - worthy of a ribbon i's say.


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Yayyyy!!!! That is just awesome. Congratulations on your well-deserved awards.

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Wow, that's just fantastic. A well deserved bit of recognition for such beautiful work. Congrats!

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Well done indeed! Such wonderful work, you should be very very proud, congrats

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Hey Buddy! Very proud of you and glad your work got the recognition it deserved!

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Congratulations, you deserve those wins.

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Congratulation, well done and well deserved.

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How cool!

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