Stretchy knit. What's up?

hello all,
A few years ago when i first started knitting I made a baby sweater. all went well except that the work was a little stretchy. being new, I was very careful to keep my tension even and to match the required gauge.
I haven't done any sweaters by hand in a while but I thought I would ask about that before I did. Some beautiful yarn was just given to me (sorry, the band was missing so that's all I can tell ya about other than it's got all the colors I love in it) and I thought I would knit myself a vest.
Any ideas?


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I made the vest called Peter Easy Vest. While the picture on the pattern doesn't look very nice, it's a classic pattern and works up very nicely.

Have fun!

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Why was "stretchy" not a good thing? Seems like for a baby, that might be a plus.

It may have been the way it is supposed to be re: the stitch pattern. Some patterns make a stretchy fabric; it's just their nature.

However, acrylic yarn when washed can often "grow" in size and be much stretchier than before, regardless of stitch pattern. And the superwash wools I have used are much like acrylics in that regard-- they don't hold their shape the way natural wool does. (You can have your convenience yarns and love them for what I cannot. :-)

If you'd like to give a shot at identifying your yarn, you could Google for tips on doing a "burn test". It will require that you sniff the burnt fiber and "smoke" from it and using a guide, try to ID the fiber content. It's a tricky thing if it's a blend, but pure fibers can be ID'd or at least narrowed down.