Men's long Johns or Thermal Underwear.

I have been knitting for years and My brothers and father both love to hunt. Every year they go and put on several layers of cloths and get into their gear and go out hunting. One day my brother Shaun came to me and asked me if I could knit him a pair of men's long Johns. I told him well I don't know if I can knit one but you go buy me a pair of men's thermal underwear in your size and I will see what I can do. The first thing i did when he brought me the underwear is I had laid them out and cut the seams so I had piece's of a pattern. I then went and had gotten some very very soft fine yarn and started knitting. First I started with the crotch. I first knitted the brief front. I did a crochet chain and casted on my stitches knitted one piece and left it on the needles and then knitted the second piece and just reversed the decreases and increases and when i got done i took both brief fronts and grafted them together with a 3 needle cast off but i only kitted them together and then started working back and forth and increasing the stitches for the butt or ass of the long johns. Then when i was done i just left the piece on the needles. Picked up my second set of needles and started working the legs. When I got all done I did a flat graft for all the seams. You would never believe how nice they came out and how warm they are. You would think that hand knitted long johns would be itchy and scratchy but they are very very soft and comfortable. You don't feel the seams and you can't even see where they were put together. I have many many patterns of men's knitted long underwear and hand knitted boxer briefs. If any one is interested in making a pair just hit me up and send me a message. I have had so much fun knitting these for my family and friends who love the extra warmth and love hand knitted items. My email address is I have been knitting for over 30 years and have mastered Irish, German, Eastern, Western, English and Cotinentil knitting. I love to make fair isle sweaters and gloves as well as fisherman gansys and all kinds of fun projects. I have made and designed my own stuff and have also made many many patterns and projects for the big bear men. My books will be published next year and will be selling for $ 7.99. I'm excited to be able to have my own work published and out there for people who want to knit for there man or loved ones. I will be posting pics the long johns and of my other works as soon as I get a new camera or get mine fixed. Hope to have the pics up by the end of the month. Thanks for reading my blog.



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Hi Steven,
I am a hiker here in Illinois and the long undies would sure come in handy in this climate in the winter! I usually layer the long johns with a pair of flannel lined jeans. I think it would be great to knit my own, as well as a pair of boxers. Thanks for the inspiration. I look forward to seeing the pictures.


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Thanks Mark. I had a blast making them for my brothers and family and friends. It is not hard to design or make anything. All i did was take something that some one made and used it as a pattern and then went and found what I was looking for and went to town. The only thing I have to say is when working with the long johns Is find the type of yarn you want to work with and work up a swatch and sit on it bare ass and see if it is something you like or not. Now some men put on a pair of regular briefs and then their long johns and jeans and then go on their way but i find it more comfy to just knit the long johns and boxer briefs with the very very soft yarn. It is a mix of mink and rabbit. It is very expensive to buy but it is the best. I get it from my local yarn shop here in Horseheads NY. Another great yarn to use is " Pacific" its made by cascade yarns. It's a mix of wool and acrylic. Its 40 % super wash merino wool and 60 % acrylic. It coasts $ 5.50 to $ 7.50 depending on where you get it. I get my yarn from my local yarn shop or i get it directly from the manufacturer. I normally work with very fine yarn. So it can be a pain in the ass to get some times. It is very very soft and very very warm. You will only want to wear the hand knitted long johns and a pair of jeans in the winter. They keep you very warm and at times almost to warm. Another thing you can do is go to your local walmart and buy the one pound of baby yarn in white and buy the RIT dye or any fabric die and bring a pot of water boiling add the die to the water and die your yarn to the color you want. Just unravel the entire skein into the pot and leave it until it is cold and then just rinse out the yarn and let it dry then knit your project. Done that many times with people who are alergic to wool. Just some ideas for you buddy.


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I'm fascinated with the way you are constructing your longjohns! ...hope you will post pictures of them.

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Sounds pretty interesting. I'm glad you worked out what knit up th e best for you. Looking forward to the photos.

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