Knitting retreat on Big Tancook Island

Hi guys, this is a little off topic but I am on the island this week to help Lucy Neatby with her knitting camp. She has thirteen knitters from as far away as Texas to the south and British Columbia to the West. It is a resounding success. They are here for a week. I was speaking about MWK and she suggested that she would be interested in doing one for the Men. So I thought I would throw it out there and see what people thought. The knitters are staying in Guest Cottages. All food is supplied, breakfast being a DIY, Lunch is brought to the class venue by the local women and dinner is being done each evening at an Islanders home with home cooking. Any one interest can check Lucy Neatby's group on Ravelry or her own web site blog entry being "Knitting on the Wild Side". I myself am hosting an afternoon Tea Party Wednesday. Anyway if any one thinks this could be a go let me know and I will pass your thoughts onto Lucy.


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Lucy's a wonderful teacher...and it would be great fun!
....any idea what the cost would be for a week?

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All I can offer at this point is what the ladies paid this year. It was 1350 canadian for the six day camp, this included all meals, accomodation (mostly in guest cottages up to four in each cottage) and tuition for 6 days. I t may well change in the future but that is a sort of a yard stick. Up and above that is your transportation to and from Big Tancook. Most of the woman turned it into a vacation. spending time before and after camp in Nova Scotia. Will try to keep posting if there are any developments. Oh yes and she limited that to 13 campers, I also think there was an obligatory health insurance as the island is remote and only has a first responder service for accidents and illness.

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I'll talk to Lucy about it , at Madrona next Spring...a Men's group with her would be great fun!

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Sounds like a great time. If I was independently wealthy, I'd travel to all of these things I could.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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It'd be a lot of money but I also think it could be a "real" retreat... that long of a trip would allow us to relax and rest and really get to focus on creativity and learning. I would be interested in hearing more if it happens....


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Yes it seems like a lot of money but I guess you have to look at it as getting more bang for your buck, so to speak, as everything is included for a week with the exception of travel expenses. One thing for sure is there is no place to spend money here unless you jump the ferry back to Chester lol. Having said that I just spent $400.00 on Lucy's DVD's. My partner is getting them for me for Christmas, he doesn't know it yet but he is lol.

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Lucy is a great teacher, and it would be wonderful to take more instruction from her. It is a lot of money, that is true, plus the added expense of travel all the way from the west out to the east! I'm sure Lucy would entertain the idea of coming out to a Men's Retreat anywhere and give a class or two. That would make it less costly, since we would only have to pay for one person's travel in that case.

Her DVDs are truly a treasure trove of information, set out very clearly and in an easy to understand manner. She really is a very good teacher (you can see some of them on YouTube). If you only get them one by one, they don't seem that expensive! But you will have a wonderful library when you have the complete set.

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Dennis, I am envious. To be that close to such a wonderful teacher and person. You are lucky.