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I'm working on lace again, though it's simple lace. Wasn't really planning to but typically, i was in a yarn shop and saw something I really liked, which seemed to scream the name of a good friend in Seattle, and since I'm visiting in October, what better excuse to buy yarn? I also love doing lace because it's "instant gratification." I.e. because it's mostly air, you get a lot of area for the time spent. As long as you don't screw up and spend several hours trying to correct it.

I'm making the Pecan Grove Scarf. I'm surprised more people haven't knit it; it's a nice repeating pattern, and maybe second only to the "Susan Scarf" in terms of ease, making it an excellent choice for anyone wanting to start with lace. The pattern is free on Ravelry. The original pattern calls for laceweight but I'm using a thicker yarn (Yarn Art Magic, Colorway 549), because I would like it to be functional as well. :)

I'll add another photo when it's done and blocked.

From Knittin'
From Knittin'

I'll be in Seattle for about 2 weeks starting Oct 11. I'll also be in N. Arkansas in late October, and NY/VA for around a week too but I'll be pretty busy there.


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Oooo! I'm totally in the mood for a lace project and love small repeats like that. Your color wave is working really nicely with the pattern too. Lace is gratifying to knit and magical to block - I love blocking lace. I've got gobs of sport weight yarn in mt stash so I'm headed to Ravelry to do some down loading. Thanks for the show and tell!

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It's very stress-free lace. :) The color changes aren't quite as intense as they appear in the picture. I can't wait to block it, but I've got almost another meter to add to it before that happens!

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Very nice looking knitting, Bob. I like the way that the motifs resemble hearts. I hope you have a great trip.

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Ha, I hadn't noticed that, they do look heart-like. Though I think they won't look quite so much that way after blocking as they two halves will be more separated. They're supposed to be pecan leaves. :)

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Wow! I LOVE that design and the colors are gorgeous! Looks like it would be easy to widen into a rectangular shawl, a table runner or......