Sweater for a Friend

My friend spent some time in the Shetland Islands and brought back some wool so that I could knit her a sweater. She discovered, while talking with the people at Jamieson and Smith, that originally there were few dyed colours and those that were dyed where rather vibrant and basic. She, therefore, bought some old colours and we came up with this pattern. It was knit with Jamieson and Smith jumper weight with 3.0 needles. It is a cardigan and I just cut up the steek without securing it. I used an Asplund border on the bottom of the body and the sleeves. It fits her well and she likes it but declined to model it for a picture. Because it is so bright, I have caught glimpses of her at a mall and at a concert. It certainly stands out in a crowd.

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WOW!! Beautiful stuff...I'd love to have seen how you made that with all those yarn changes. Beautiful colors well put together. Really superb, Ron. Congratulations.

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I'll second that WOW! Amazing work there...the colors are awesome. Lucky friend!

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This is a true master piece Ron it is really lovely. I have envy of your stranding ability.

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Great looking sweater Ron, and Shetland wool is so good to work with. How did you do the "Asplund border"?

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It was sent to me by Ivar Asplund. You knit a few rows, then you do a row of YO K2tog. You then knit enough rows to reach the original cast on and knit a row catching the cast on stitches with the stitches on your needle forming a hem. This is followed by two rows of purl ridges so that the hem doesn't pop up.

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That is a great looking sweater, Ron. Congratulations on a wonderful bit of knitting. Lucky friend.

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Absolutely stunning - that's one lucky friend. Very nice indeed. I have several fair isle knitting patterns tucked away and have always wanted to give one a try. My wife gave me Ann Feitelson's book a few Christmases back and I am fascinated with the patterns and techniques. Your post might be just the catalyst I needed to get started on something. Thanks for posting.