OT But Really Cool!

Hey guys! So I've mentioned before that I'm an actor, and even posted a little while ago about my upcoming show (That's Not Right... A Mistaken Cabaret). I wanted to share this with you, though, cause it's really cool- my amazing boyfriend is a graphic designer (a really awesome one, you should check him out: www.davidayllon.com) and he offered to do this unbelievable poster for me. It's a send-up of the one and only Patti LuPone and her (in)famous Evita arms! Since we're all creatives here, I thought you might get a kick out of it =)

I mean, how often does one get to do the Evita pose on their very own show poster?!?!

Hope all is well with everyone, I've seen some really cool projects across the boards recently! It's getting to be our time of year hahaha

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That looks like a lot of fun Joe. I do some acting too, and I'll be in my first production in a while this October and November.

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Awesome, Michael! Which show?

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Great poster. I wish you a great run.

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Beautiful poster, Joe. Very talented boy friend. Good luck with the show.

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Very cool poster - provocative and elegant.