First Sweater

I have been lurking around this site for a while now. Have just started my first sweater and decided it was time to post. Past knitting has consisted of socks, hats, cowls and scarfs. All projects that are relatively quick to knit up.

I have been admiring #17 Man's Cardigan by Josh Bennett for some time. I finally decided to take the plunge. Found the perfect yarn at my LYS. Fortunately, they have a Monday night sweater workshop with help (it's also men's knitting night). Haven't gotten far, but it is knitting up nicely. I've attached a pic of my progress.

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Exquisite stitchery. Handsomely done. I'm about to take a similar plunge. Recently found a knitted jacket pattern that I like quite a bit. All the best with it. I hope you post a picture when you're done...

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It's looking good!

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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Looks good. I hope you enjoy knitting and wearing it.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Very nice - what part of the sweater are we looking at? I'm baffeled. And, what yard?

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Thanks. It's a bottom up sweater, so the ribbing comes up 3 inches and then the cable pattern starts.

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Looks great--- persistence is the key and when the garment is finished you will have something to be really proud of! Hope to see a photo of the finished article soon.

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Looks great!

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Hi Jeff...Great looking sweater pattern. I really enjoy doing cables as well. It will look great when you are finished. I have three sweaters on the needles just now and hope to get them all finished by Christmas. Christmas is in March this year, isn't it? LOL

I also live in the Chicago area. I am in the northwest burbs. Let's get together for coffee sometime and compare knitting notes.


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Looks great! Keep posting progress pics.