Vogue Knitting Books

A good friend left me her Vogue Knitting books. The oldest dates back to 1947. Just look at this

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JRob's picture

How cool. I love vintage patterns. You can find some really good stuff in the old mags.

Have fun with them,


ronhuber's picture

You are a lucky man. Many happy hours await you.

scottly's picture

Golly, that's a swell ansemble!

Seriously, I love getting my hands on that vintage stuff.

Tallguy's picture

You know, I do think I like those boxers! Done up in a newer yarn, that can look quite good. The top is okay too, with some modifications. That style is quite timeless. There is a lot of value in those old magazines.

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Congratulations. That was a nice gift and - as others have pointed out - the really good designs can be updated and worn today.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.