AAArgh Too!! - Updated

Yesterday was cold and damp in St. Louis. Wife out of town visiting the new grandson this past week so I spent the day at the yarn shop knitting in the company of friends. I got a lot done on Bennett's ribbed baby jacket. Came home had supper and complete the jacket at 9:00 pm and went to put it together and had trouble. Found a mistake and had to rip out three hours of work. Went to bed frustrated - I know how to count so how could I have missed 18 rows in the second sleeve!

Got up early and refreshed and knitted for 1 hour this morning and now I am back and I am back to where I was last night at 6:00 pm. After church and yard work I hope to have the sweater completed today.

Debbie Bliss' Ribbed BAby Jacket as you can see from the attached photo is knitted flat in one piece and and then folded into shape and then seamed. I am to the point where the front ribbed work begins to complete the final pattern design. I'll post a picture later tonight of the finished garment.

The fiber with 65% wool and 35% stinging nettles is working up beautifully and with the plant cellulose fibers has a wonderful luster.

Well completed knitting the jacket Sunday evening and after a meeting at church this evening did the casting off of the needles and seamed one side. It will be finished tomorrow but the second picture is a sneak peak at the project nearing its end.

Hope you all are having a great start to the week,


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I feel your pain some times I seem to frog more than I knit. I looks like an interesting pattern I will have to take a look at it.

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Grreat looking sweater. I am sorry you had to rip, but I guess we just have to bear with it. Sometimes things just go out of control.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Very handsome and I hope the little fellow enjoys wearing it.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.