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Bob and I hit the road this last week for a mad dash through Colorado and New Mexico to hit some of national parks and see the Taos New Mexico Wool and Fiber Festival. Enough of that though, here I will just discuss the knitting I did on the road. Sorry, I can't imagine you all want to see my slide show of Carlsbad Caverns and what not... But if you do, you can see all that useless crap at

From AKQGuy

So, I finally finished the Kimono Shawl (by Cheryl Oberle) I started with my handspun Jacob Wool. I enjoyed the spinning and have to say, I enjoyed using the rustic feeling yarn and it gave the finished shawl an "aged" look.

From AKQGuy

There are some scary tension issues. Mainly I think due to the fact that I've had so much on my plate that I got bored with this project. And too boot I knit the last half in a car, probably had a bit to do with it. But a good aggressive block made it less apparent. In fact it may be just one of those things that I see, but I am so done with it that I am not going to tear back. Sometimes, you just need to move on.

And I did...

From AKQGuy

To my little S&MMM shawl here. It means Sadism and Merope in Mad's Mare. Merope is the pattern name, Mad for Madeline Tosh the brand of yarn and Mare is the colorway. It get's this name because stupidly I only took lace projects with me on this little trip. Talk about self abuse.

It's one of Rosemary (Romi) Hill's patterns and so far I've really enjoyed using her patterns. They are well written and to the point (at least the charts guys, I don't read line after line of yo, SSK, K1 for multiple repeats. I'm not that masochistic). I think they would be great beginner lace pieces.

I am finally down to two projects on the needles. My limit is three, but I just can't look at the "Rockefeller" right now. I'm sure I'll get over it. 2013 looks hopeful.

Have a great week guys, I'm off for another shorter trip in a couple days and hope to have a finished Merope when I next get to check in and see how you all are.


Bill's picture

the Kimono Shawl is a KNOCKOUT!

AKQGuy's picture

Thank you Sir!

ronhuber's picture

I often look at the kimono shawl and think I will do it. Now your beautiful rendition has inspired me. Truly beautiful.

AKQGuy's picture

Just be warned, it's the kind if lacework that can get quite boring. On the other hand, it's great lacework for watching tv or going to knit nights with. Thanks, by the way.

smmikkel's picture

It's beautiful. This project has been on my que list for awhile. Im currently working on the 17th Century Undershirt that's in the same Knitting Tradition magazine. But it's taking me fffffoooooorrrreeeevvveeerrr. I'll get it done eventually.

What ply is the yarn that you used? I have some bison that might work but it's only 2 ply. And the company is no longer in business.

AKQGuy's picture

This was my own handspan jacob fleece that was originally planned to be a double dk weight, but I got worried about yardage so it became a lace weight single ply. Due to this it was a bit overspun but blocked out wonderfully and has a more rustic look to it. I rarely use the yarn and needle that the pattern calls for and just adjust as my gauge calls for. I think your bison yarn sounds like a wonderful substitution.

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Congratulations on getting the kimono shawl finished. It turned out as gorgeous as I expected, based on what I saw while you were knitting it. And the S&MMM is quite lovely also.

Glad you had a great trip and look forward to stories.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

AKQGuy's picture

Thanks Joe, I will try to make it in tomorrow but our travels aren't quite done.

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

It's okay if we don't see you tonight. I saw on your blog that you are having company and leaving for another jaunt. We can share stories later, if need be.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Love the kimono shawl, handspun Jacob, great!

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Thank you. It was one of my first projects with my own handspun. Since this I have had more success of making nicer yarns but this fiber was still so rich in oil and aroma. I loved working with it.

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The Kimono shawl and the S&MMM shawl are both beautiful. I was just looking at the kimono shawl pattern last weekend and thought about doing it. It is a wonderful pattern and I have an amazing hand-dyed wool called Dove that would work up really nicely I link. Your projects are always such an inspiration. Glad you also had a nice time on your trip. Hope your refreshed and renewed.


AKQGuy's picture

Well thank you very much. On both the count of the compliments of the projects and the wished of refreshment. I just Got in from our South Dakota trip with a friend from grade school so unfortunately I'm just feeling worn out before heading out for a last dog walk for the night. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and also would live to see your kimono shawl in "Dove".

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Lovely Kimono shawl! I finished mine on the way to Taos too - I actually blocked it in the rental house. I love to knit on road trips it's the best way to spend your time when your husband refuses to give up the wheel. Anyway, nice job - is it for someone?

AKQGuy's picture

My mom may be getting it for Christmas. Not quite sure yet but I'm sure I'll put it to good use somehow.

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Your work is always so impressive. I enjoy studying it each time you include a photo. I am even more impressed that you spun the yarn yourself. Well done!

AKQGuy's picture

Oh, don't be impressed with that yarn. It's not near as pretty up close an was an early attempt at spinning for me. Now the silk I'm working on now, I have high hopes for it despite the blisters it's giving my hands. Thank you for the compliments though, I appreciate them all the same.