Men Knit Saint Cloud

So after my partner and I moved to the land of Germans that is Saint Cloud Minnesotta I thought I ought to start a men's knitting group. I had been going to Men Knit DC while we lived there ( ) and thought it would be a good thing to do. So tuesday is our second meeting and we expect maybe seven people but it is really hard to get straight men. Not that I mind gay men mind you but I really didn't intend for this to be a gay knitting group just a men's knitting group. Oh well I am sure the straight guys will appear eventually.



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It's true. Same tiring experience with yarn shops. I also get tired (as you all do) of having to work and warm up the shop owners when I first visit a new yarn shop. But we're lucky in Philadelphia in that we have TWO yarn shops that are owned by men. Last week I was fortunate enough to attend a day workshop led by Brandon Mably (from Kaffe Fassett's studio in London). It was a treat and inspiring to take a knitting class from such a talented man.

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Sorry - posted to wrong comment.

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LOL...being as I am gay I am quite partial to other gay men. I was just hoping for more of a mix.