Blog Caricatures

So I'm thinking about creating some fictional caricatures of myself and other knitters for use in my blog ( I've got two in mind already.
There's a mountain man/hippie tree hugger who discovered knitting for no better reason than he had to do something with those sheep. He's a bit of a hill billy, relatively uneducated and a bit coarse. He probably couldn't tell the difference between Merino and Lincoln, but he doesn't care. It's all wool to him.
Then there's the knitting snob. He's got a gorgeous condo in downtown Boulder, CO with soaring views of the flatirons. He won't touch synthetics and his living room is more fiber studio than hang out space.
Blue Faced Leicester is a bit too course for him. A merino/silk blend is adequate but Paco-vicuna is what he really craves.
I might even have a strange little homeless character, gathering whatever yarn he can find and stashing it under bridges.
Any thoughts? What about other characters? I would LOVE to write about my "interactions" with these funny little people.


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I don't know how you can avoid the "big girl" side kick who always exquisitely knits the absolute wrong thing for her very ample frame and loves, I mean LOVES novelty yarn. There is no such thing as too much polyester eyelash or boucle. Her name is probably something like Heidi.

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Love it!

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Fun idea! Imagine a surprise yarn swap between those characters...

Perhaps an extrememly obedient knitter - the kind that will follow a pattern in minute detail even if there are obvious typos in it. Who won't try a pattern they love without the yarn called for even if the pattern is from the 50s. Whose gauge is not quite what the instructions say but who won't change needles because it says 3½ mm. Who doesn't like yellow but the sweater in the book is yellow, so it doesn't matter that the yarn comes in lots of favourite colours. I'm sure you can think of many more examples. (This I realize is possibly a caricature of myself in my early knitting days!)

I bet you could make a caricature of every one of us. For example: a few years back, when I'd go to my sons' little league games and envy the moms who could bring their knitting and work on it through the entire game, while I felt I couldn't for the sake of my sons. Eventually I did allow myself to teach one player's little sister how to knit Continental style after getting her knitting mom's permission.

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Hillbilly Mountainman needing to do something with the sheep and do something practical and keep the time -- he and I would get along swimmingly.

I think yarn snob and I might end up having to sit at opposite ends of the table at tea.

Excellent idea!!! I look forward to reading.