Beekeeper's Quilt

Have you guys seen the Beekeeper's quilt by Tiny Owl Knits?

I came across it last month while browsing on Ravelry. I became intrigued and have since purchased the pattern and begun the project. This is not something that I'll devotedly work on right through to completion, but here and there, between other projects. The individual "hexipuffs" of which the quilt is made are really fun to knit. They don't take much time and are the perfect "mindless" knitting to work on while watching TV, riding in the car or to take along anywhere you may have some free time.

(the pic above is the designer's completed quilt, the two below show my completed hexipuffs...).

I have made 20 so far but will need hundreds of them depending on the size of the quilt I want to end up with. Sure, it's a big commitment and will most likely take me two to three years to complete. But since I am not working to have it done by any specific date, I can just enjoy the slow, easy progress and watch my pile of hexipuffs grow.

I've chosen to work in muted earthy tones including blues, greens, grays and reds so far, but the color spectrum may get broader as I go. I am keeping an open mind and will let things evolve as they may! A lot or "Ravelers" have even come up with duplicate stitch patterns to add to their hexipuffs, most of which can be downloaded for free on Ravelry (you can see some examples of this in the top picture).

Well, just wanted to share what I've been working on lately. Hope everyone's have a great October so far...take care!


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KEN, I've been occasionally knitting them for about a year...not sure how many I have. There are a lot of ravelers who have put together mini-kits of yarn, it takes about fifteen yards for a puff....and are swapping them. They're very relaxing to knit...takes me about a half hour for one puff.

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It's beautiful and I love your color choices, but then those are the hues I tend towards for my own knitting and clothing options. I admire you're hardwork but have little patients for sewing beyond the seeming needed for a sweater. Hope you keep us posted through the next couple years.

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Quinton,Those puffs are knitted double and stuffed or not stuffed then knitted closed. no sewing. It's even possible to just fasten the puffs together at the corners, not sew them together.
...a good project for traveling, or when you're visiting with friends and don't want to think about tricky knitting...

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Yes, I plan on doing what the designer suggests, tying them at the corners. She said that she originally tried sewing them together but she liked the corner ties better because it resulted in a "floppier" quilt.

I am using some leftover sock yarn to start, but have already started buying some new sock yarn just for this project, too!

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Thanks, I actually knew that they were knitted closed but didn't know that they weren't fully seamed together. And as for my horrendous vocabulary earlier that it won't let me edit, thank you all for going along with patients when I meant patience.

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Thanks Quinton on the colors, definitely what I tend towards as well. And no, I wouldn't have the patience to sew them all together either...definitely going with the tying method.

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Those are great color choices, Ken. I had one member ask me about leftover sock yarns I may want to trade for his project but I had to admit that I have very little leftover yarn when done with my socks. Definitely not enough to make one of the puffs. Lots of luck with the project.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I remember that Queer Joe was working on one and he did it in a continuous row. Very interesting concept and goodness only knows I have a lot of scrap sock yarn. Your colour choices are beautiful. Rather a pleasant way to spend a half hour, I would imagine. Thanks for directing us to the pattern.

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Trust Joe to think outside the box!
...that's a brilliant idea!!!

Joe has an excellent video on You Tube showing how to do this.

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Yes, very well thought out. I decided against making mine that way because I wanted to retain the ease and portability of working on one hexipuff at a time. I will then join them at the corners with ties. The author of the pattern said it took her two days to do so once all her hexipuffs were done.

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I want to do this. (A friend at work is having a baby and I was planning to make a baby blanket but I think I might do this instead.) Thanks so much, Ken, for bringing this amazing pattern to our attention!

All the best, Tom

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Thats so cool, i'd love to give it a go. Im crocheting a blanket at the mo out of all the left over balls of wool that i have, but what you are doing puts it to shame! lol It looks great,looking forward to seeing more updates.