Pecan Grove Scarf finally! :)

Well, it's been such an insanely busy month that I didn't have much time for knitting but now that I'm on more or less vacation, I've been getting some in. One of the priorities, since it was for a friend here in Seattle and I leave on Tuesday, was the Pecan Grove scarf I began last month. I decided not to block it too aggressively, just enough to make it lie flat and show the pattern, because it doesn't need to be too wide and I'd like it to provide some warmth too!

It's a nice beginning lace project as the pattern is symmetrical and easy to remember.

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Lovely work. I like how the colour changes fit into the pattern repeats so nicely. Really gorgeous.

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That turned out just great, Bob. I think it safe to say that your friend will absolutely love it.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I agree with Ron. It's uncanny how the color changes work so perfectly with the pattern. Beautiful job!

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Thanks. :) Yeah, that was a bit of luck. Though if you really look at it, it's partly an illusion. Each color stripe is almost the width of the pattern, but not quite, and they do overlap. But the eye (or the brain) tends to make the adjustment. It also seems to line up better on the near end than the far.

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Beautiful!!! The color wave does work nicely with the pattern.