A Christmas Bear

I couldn’t resist. I just couldn’t. I had thought, “Brown bear? Or white bear? Who will be my Christmas Bear?” And I paced, and I experimented, tossed a few things around, picked up this skein, that skein, played with a green adorable thing….but, the magic just wasn’t there. I started with a scarf.

When it comes to Christmas, I’d have to say I’m a traditionalist, too. Lots of red, lots of white….lots of candy stripe formed in candy cane fashion. Being a poor man, I’ve often handled well the idea of using whats on hand, so rather than head out to hunt down just the right color skein of yarn to be my Christmas bear, I looked through my stash and found a small handfull of ranch red, so vibrant that it was always cautionary. The candy stripe scarf worked itself up quickly. Then on to a hat, something reminiscent of Father Christmas, but something practical, something I would wear in winter’s scare of cold. These would be the signature pieces behind this year’s Christmas Bear. I dressed the brown bear in the garments…..he looked good, he looked flawless…..something was missing. So I went to the white bear. Again, how would someone not want to clutch this little bugger and hold him all year long???? But, again….something slightly off.

Then this one little bear, no frills, nothing special, made from a drab color of yarn that was nothing vibrant and grand….this one little bear asked, “I know I’m nothing spectacular to look at, but may I try it on?”

The little hat was placed tenderly on his head, the scarf tied softly around his neck…..and there it was. The magic that I was looking for. The simple, quiet, wonderful magic that is reserved for those whom you least suspect. And isn’t that Christmas? The little baby in a manger, you least suspect to be the savior of man, or the little drummer boy who arrives, with a gift of nothing but song. The simple, quiet, wonderful magic that is Christmas. So, here here he is, heroic in his modest way, his childish way, my 2012 Limited Edition Christmas Bear.

He’s made of wool, hat and scarf, as well. Stands 10 inches tall, hat and scarf removable for when summer wear becomes more acceptable :)

I’m only taking orders for him until 15 December, after that, the little guy will have softened his way into the romances of history. We’ll all be able to look back and say, “THAT was a Christmas Bear. I remember him fondly.”



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They look fantastic!! Have been to your website and have watched the instructional videos on how to assemble the bears--- but I have to ask is the pattern available or one similar??? Guess I am being cheeky but one has to ask!! Have a great day and your bears look just fabulous.

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I have answered the question my self and have joined Ravelry and found and paid for the pattern which I now have!!! This will be my next project! I did not know about Ravelry so this has been a learning curve as well! :-)