Thrummed Tube Socks Anyone

Okay I've been diabetic for almost 50 years now and yeah have some circulation issues although not bad. So I had this thought because during winter I like really warm feet what if I made just a long tube sock (no heel) and thrummed them? Has anyone done that? I've never even made a sock but I'm thinking CO like 6 (or so stitches) for the toe. Then do knit a row and pick up stitches around that. Then basically do a rib stitch all the way up to the cuff, and space out the thrums every few stitches up the entire length.

Am I crazy? Has anyone had any luck doing something like this? If so....willing to share what/how you did? If not...tell me to go into hiding.



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Eunny Jang has a Youtube video about thrumming...and I think people have thrummed socks as well as mittens...

There are lots of thrummed socks on Ravelry.

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I think this is a great idea. Let us know how it works out.

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I had to look up "thrummed", what a cool design element! Let us know what you come up with.

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I do believe I've got myself some new knitting expletives!

What in thrumnation?!


Oh, thrum it.

Well, I'll be thrummed!

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You have made me inquisitive so I had to find out about this thrumming------ thanks for sowing seeds in my brain--- I will now have to try this method of knitting slippers for the winter--- we have summer arriving at the moment so this project will go on my list of things I need to do! :-)

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Huh. I learned something new today.

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Thanks guys! I'm finishing up three projects, so it'll be a bit but I've definitely found some starting places with your help. If any other sources come to mind feel free to post here or send me a note.


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sounds like a plan to me - and sounds really comfortable as well.

The one "pl;us" I have to being diagnosed diabetic a while back is I finally found over the calf socks I can wear!!!

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