Knitted tights?

Has anyone seen a pattern for knitted tights?
I'd like something a lot warmer and smaller gauge than these.

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How did you get my picture, Bill? LOL

Bill's picture's all over the internet, Mark!

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Bill, you're a hoot.

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Forget the tights. How do I knit that man?!

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I know Elizabeth Z has a chapter on 'nether garments' in the knitter's almanac. They'd never seemed to have any appeal...but there does seem to be some potential....

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Here is a drops pattern for leggings.
The pattern itself is for a female, but it is from the top down and comes in a range of sizes, so you could try on as you go and add/remove shaping where necessary. The pattern recommends using a sport and fingering yarn held together, but I would expect a single strand of worsted would do just as well. Good luck!

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Thank you!
I think those could be adapted...

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You want smaller gauge??

Oh, you mean the knitting.... sorry!

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Those tights look plenty warm to me from where I'm sitting.

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Willy...YOU would look wonderful in those tights!!!

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What about queerjoe's pattern?

These were discussed here at some point. I have a picture of the short version, and there may be one on Joe's site or here.

There's a pattern here:

And I'm told Zimmerman's Knitter's Almanac has a pattern.


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I'd forgotten about Joe's pattern...will have to check that out...
I have the Zimmerman pattern.