Sweater pattern

I am making a raglan, top-down sweater for my son and it's going very well. I am at the point where I will join the sleeves and continue with the body of the sweater. Right now, it's all just stockinette stitch, which is fine as my son likes things done simply. I thought, however, that I might add a bit of interest by adding some sort of a repeat. I won't have time to start this over, so I am doing a bit of research first, beginning with you all. Any suggests for a repeat that might look nice beginning where the sleeves are joined? I'm thinking that I may have waited too long to start a repeat pattern. Check out the photo.

Thanks, guys!


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You might just do a big stripe across the chest and sleeves...sort of a Rugby stripe...either in purl of seed stitch.
In the same colour, it would be subtle, but add interest.

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I agree with Bill. You could also do a cable on the sides that starts underneath the arms or try and do some sort of celtic knot cable in the center of the chest, although that might be a bit much for a picky boy.

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Thanks guys. Very good ideas! The next project is for me and it is also a sweater, so this is information for that project too.

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Mark, I've got to say that I think it's perfect just exactly the way it is. Especially given the fact that your son "likes things done simply." It's a great color. It's got strong, simple lines. And the stitchery is perfection squared. I really do think it's beautiful just the way it is. All the best with it, Tom

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I am flattered! I've never had anyone say that my stitchery was perfect. That's quite a compliment coming from you. Thank you much!

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Plain is good!!!! I always like cast on or cast off rows in a different colour. It sounds like nothing but adds a lot

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I think I will stick with plain for this one and throw caution to the wind when I may the sweater that is next...the one for me! The yarn I am using for that one is beautiful and supple, so I want it to drape nicely and for that I think I'll some weight with some cabling and perhaps some moss or seed stitching. I like the idea of doing cast on and cast off rows in a different colour. I like the "outline" look in drawings, so in a fabric, I think it would do well. Thanks for the advice.

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Mark, it's beautiful!!!!! I'm a less is more guy, keep it simple!

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Thanks, Scott. I decided to keep it simple and just keep on plugging away at endless rows of stockinette stitch. I get a real sense of satisfaction in seeing that my tension is uniform, which should make it look nice when worn.