machine washable socks?

OK, I have this ghastly yarn (actually, it's not so bad...just a little um, bright...turquoise, yellow, and leaf green varigated). I will never use this in a project, but wait...SOCKS! I don't know if it is machine washable, and frankly I don't care as I've already started knitting with it. I can of course, wrap a blob of yarn and try to felt it...then I'll know. But as I don't mind handwashing a pair of special occasion socks, it's kind of a moot point: I wouldn't use this for anything else. Question is, has anyone ever knit socks in non-machine washable? Does the heat and sweat felt them badly? Of course, in the olden days, they didn't have machine washable, and they wore does it make any difference at all? ramble ramble ramble.... This is what I do when I am on a diet and knit instead of eat....



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yes... over time the socks felt little bit...
...but I have socks about ten years old that are still fine...

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Many of the socks I knit are not machine washable, but I don't mind hand washing them. The only pair I've had a problem with are knitted in Shetland wool and were possibly a bit on the tight side to start, this has been accentuated by several years of wearing and washing. I've used the same wool since, from Jamieson & Smith, and by making the socks a little bigger do not have a problem.

I have noticed that socks I've given to some women friends have not been treated with the same loving care as the ones I have knitted for my partner and me. I am not a misogynist, I can accept they prefer machine washable.

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I used to work at a yarn store (like an alcoholic working at a bottle shop, really>) and we had the jamieson & smith in all different plies and types. I used to gasp at the color: The wall was a work of art: Just the skeins hanging. Which weight do you work in? I remember a sizing on the singles, etc....made it a little harsh to knit with. Do you do any thing special with the washing to further soften the sock?

(Where are you located). Best wishes,
Bob~ Portland, OR

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I would generally expect that what you are doing while wearing them would have an effect on felting. Wearing them in sweaty workboots while doing landscaping all day, for instance, is likely to be rougher on them than, say, a night at the opera. On the other hand, your foot would tend to act as a bit of a form to limit how much the fiber could contract, so if you're not agitating them greatly to wash them, then it probably wouldn't be a huge concern. Or you could just wash them by wearing them in the shower. :-)

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