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Hi guys! So a friend of mine requested a custom piece for Christmas, which is very exciting! She, my boyfriend, and I are huge fans of RuPaul's Drag Race, and we get together every Monday to watch together (have you boys been watching Allstars??? The SHADE of it all...). She did not specify what she wanted as a gift, her only stipulation was that I make it for her.

So I decided that I wanted to make a stocking for her in some funky colors (black, pink, etc.) with the Drag Race logo on it. Now I've only designed my own cable patterns, never intarsia or fair isle, so this has been a bit challenging for me. Not entirely impossible, but I've been doing it by hand on graph paper and it has taken some time.

I tried some of the online pattern makers, but they all came out so fuzzy and illegible that I decided not to use them. I was wondering though, does anyone here have a pattern program or online application that they use for projects like this? I'd love to hear what you guys use when you're designing.

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Consider graphing out the logo, knitting the stocking in plain stockinette stich planning a seam so you will have the opportunity to work with it flat the duplicate stitch the logo onto the completely knitted stocking and close the seam. Single rows/stitches in intarsia are almost more trouble than they're worth. I have found duplicate stitch much more workable and infinitely easier. Just plan to work with a blunt tapestry needle and contrasting yarn.

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Thanks! It's funny you should say that about duplicate stitch, because about two rows into the pattern, I thought, "I should just be using duplicate stitch..."

I did find a method for round knitting that can go back and forth on youtube. Has anyone ever seen this done before? Pretty neat...

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Here are a couple links to really clear videos on how to duplicate stitch. Instead of copying and pasting them into a browser, just highlight them, right click if you are on a PC, and then choose "Go to [link]". This works if your browser's default is set to use Google. Enjoy.

Hope this helps!