More yarn

I have been spinning most of the spring and summer (is it fall already?) and finally have some yarns plied.

This is some grey that was a Merino/silk blend. It was so much fun to spin, which is why I spent so much time doing it! It was prepared beautifully (which makes spinning so effortless) and it wanted to be a very fine yarn. I had no choice in the matter!

When I finished that one bag (about 250 gm), I located another bag of grey, although a slightly different shade. I spun it up as well. Then when I looked at them all, I thought they would look good plied together since they were so very close. The silk added a bit of lighter shade, so they were a bit variegated anyway. And I hate having only a small skein of one colour which is not enough to do anything with it. This way, I thought, I would get more mileage out of that little bit of fluff.

The plying went smoothly -- there sure was a lot of it!! -- and I ended up with 7 spindlefuls of a 2-ply yarn. Yes, I spun and plied it all on my trusty old CD spindle. I love that thing!

These balls of yarn have been sitting waiting for me, while I went on to other projects. Finally, one night when I had pulled out my skein-winder, I decided that I should make these up into skeins as well. Why do I always do these things so late at night? It took much longer than I had anticipated, but 7 skeins are not a quick thing to do!

At any rate, here is a pic of my skeins. The colour is a nice steel grey colour (my monitor shows these with a tinge of brown in it). I still don't know what I will do with it, but it will more than likely be some lace work. I still want to do something with beads, so this might be it. Or maybe I'll have enough to do TWO things out of it!

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Only one word is needed: Beautiful!

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I agree with Corey. The yarn is really beautiful and beautifully prepared. There is so much talent on this web site. I wish we could somehow harvest it and market and sell it. What a company we would have.

Keep spinning. I enjoyed watching you spin that one time. I especially enjoyed the CD spinner. So simple, but so effective. Well done!


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Quite nice. I think a beaded lace project would go very well with that yarn.

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You is spinning some damn fine yarn---I would be happy to knit it any day.