New Sweater

OK, me too!

You guys have inspired me to create and post a new sweater. It's the Lion Brand Saturday Morning Hoodie, and I thought I'd make it for my dad for Christmas. I first became aware of it when Millard posted it, and I thought it looked really great. Now that two people have posted "New Sweater" threads, I figured I should put mine up too.

Here's the Lion Brand photo from the pattern:

I'm doing it in Cascade Ecological Wool, which is rated the same gauge as the Lion Brand Chunky specified in the pattern. I'm not exactly sure of dad's size, so I'm guessing at gauge anyway, and didn't bother to swatch this one.

I also adapted the pattern to do it "in the round" rather than piecework. Which since it's a cardigan actually means back and forth on a circular needle, doing the back and sides at the same time. Planning to divide at the sleeve holes and do the raglan shaping from there. Here's my cast on and the initial ribbing:

I think this is going to be a great sweater. Thanks Mill!

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Looks great, Michael. I'm sure your dad will greatly appreciate it.

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What a lovely warm looking cardigan Michael.

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That is a beautiful sweater. I certainly understand doing the raglan design on the circular needles. I did my wife's that way and it knitted up very quickly. I used a smaller gauge which meant more stitches. Using the chunky yarn will make this a very fast project for you. Good choice.


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No, why do you say it needs to be back and forth knitting? I thought you were going to do it in the round, with a steek for the front opening, when you said "in the round". At least, that's what I would tend to do. And steeks are not that hard at all!

That does look nice, with a good weight. I may have to use up some of my handspun for that. I like the hood.

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I guess I was thinking "in the round" because I'm using circs and doing the front and sides together, rather than flat pieces on straights and seaming. Hadn't really thought about steeking, I guess that might have been a good option. I have never done a steek and I need to finish this for Chriistmas, so I think I'll stick with this for now. Maybe I'll do another later and steek it.

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I think it's going to be a great sweater too, Michael. I'm looking forward to seeing the final result as well as hearing about the process as you go along. All the best with it, Tom

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Well, I finished, but barely in time to give it to him at our family gathering, so I didn't get a chance to take good photos of the finished project. Here are a couple to show something about it. First, the back and sides, which I made in one piece:

I usually like to pick up stitches at the armhole and do the sleeves in the round, but I couldn't see how that would work with the raglan shoulders, so I did the sleeves according to the pattern and seamed them on. Then I did the hood and picked up stitches from both sides and the hood for the ribbed border. Made the pockets separately, as the directions in the pattern wouldn't work with the way I did the sides. The buttons are sections of an elk antler I had in the garage. Here's dad wearing it at our family Christmas:

All in all, I think it came out pretty well. Dad seemed to like it anyway. It's a nice warm wool cardigan with hood. Was a bit tight on him, but not too bad.

If I do this again, I may just do the back and sides separately as in the pattern. It saved me two seams to do them together, but then I had to adapt other things. I usually like to do sweaters in the round, but it's different with a cardi. Something to consider anyway.

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Your dad looks wonderful in that sweater, Michael...he's a handsome man. he wears it a lot!

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Thanks Bill. Mom says he's been wearing it quite a bit.

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This is a good sweater Michael, and your dad looks happy wearing it. It's easy to knit a cardigan in the round as you just make a steek up the front and that way you can knit your sleeves in the round and join them to the body in the round. I knit all raglan sleeve cardigans in this way.