Checking in

Dear Friends,

I just thought I'd check in and let you know that I'm still alive. I've been keeping up to date with all of your busy creativity over the last while but things have been busy and hectic and I haven't had the space to say hello - so I thought it was time.

As some of you might remember from my dim and distant posts, we took the plunge in the spring, sold up in London and bought a house in the country, Rose Cottage in Nursery Lane, I kid you not. The move was not without it's ups and downs (when is moving house not?) and the whole thing's turned out to be a bit more of an emotional roller coaster than we bargained for. Busy London with its bustle and busyness doesn't allow time or space to ponder life and it has been a big change. For a start, we're two gentlemen co-habiting (Gasp!) and that was something that you don't think about living in London...and we've been pounced upon to go and play at the local church for Christmas (though with the recent nonsense pedalled by the church of England about women bishops and gay marriage I'm not feeling that embraced by the church as a whole)

Anyway, I digress. The house is lovely and we have a garden and an orchard and trees and sheds and greenhouses...and at last Al has a composing shed at the bottom of the garden and I have a panelled Victorian room at the top of the house so I can play the piano and write music without offending the ears of another live-in composer. I wish I had some knitting pics to attach but life has been kind of busy....I'm struggling with Wendy Baker's reefer jacket with a knit as you go collar so you're neck decreasing and collar increasing at the same time....and there's no way that the back and front measure up.

Anyway, I'm attaching some pics and sending greetings from Kent. I realised that, were British weather more clement, there is room for a knitting retreat in the garden.

Warmest wishes to you all


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What a wonderful spot you've got. We have friends in Lemmington Spa who said their area has been suffering from flooding cause by three continuous days of heavy rain. I hope that hasn't dampened the excitement of leaving London for the country. Sounds like an ideal trade, London for Kent. We were in the UK three years ago during the month of August and London was my least favorite spot. We did enjoy the sites but August was no time to visit. The streets were packed with visitors from Europe and else where. Navigating on foot was challenging with so many tourists who don't follow the keep to the left rules of the walkways. Congratulations on your beautiful new home.

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Lovely home and gardens, David.
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas season!

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Gorgeous new home, David. Congratulations for Al and yourself on the move and settling in. I hope you get a chance to knit in the lovely gardens and enjoy your new neighbors. Have a lovely Holiday season.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Congratulations David on the move and your new house, garden and orchard, all of which will keep you busy I'm sure. We lived in SW London in the 80s and I appreciate what the move means to you, lucky you. Summer in Kent should be wonderful, something to look to forward to.

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Beautiful home, David.
It looks so inviting and truly charming. The name, of course, adds to the charm. I had to giggle....if the reefer jacket gives you too much trouble, you can always smoke it, can't you? There's a bright side to every struggle.

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Beautiful home and gardens. You two are lucky guys.

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How lovely! May the coming year bring increasing ups and diminishing downs!