The Sweater He Grows!

Hello men. I have made some nice progress on my son's sweater now. I am at the bottom of the torso and am ready to return to the smaller needles for the 2x2 rib stitch. Then I will begin on the arms, which shouldn't take too long. Hope you like it. I looks tight on me but it will be looser and a bit baggy on him, which is what he wants.

The wool has been driving me crazy.It is Swish Worsted Squirrel Heather, dye lot 18661. I only paid $4.69 for each skein, but even at that price, one would expect a quality product. KnitPics has already credited my account because of so many poorly breaks or frayed and knotted sectoins over four skeins. I started checking with each handful I would unwind by holding it up and inspecting it. The more I did this the more upset I began to get.

I have now finished 8 skeins and in all the skeins together there were breaks and very badly repaired tied ends. Every once in a while a frayed knot would slip through my fingers and I wouldn't notice it for several rounds of the sweater's torso. As many of us are in this craft, I am a perfectionist when it comes to joining ends. I have had to tink back several rows to cut out the offensive knot and replace it with two joins, so it can be woven together better. Unfortunately, there are now two blemishes that I can't undo because they are too far back and I didn't catch them in time. That pisses me off! There so many joins that the inside of this sweater looks like it has tentacles. So now instead of weaving in the start of a new skein and the ending of a new skein, I also have weave in 8 other breaks and frays in the yarns that were not properly repaired. It is really going to make me think twice about getting this type of yarn from Knit Picks in the future. I am dreading the next few skeins when I do the arms. This is the absolute worst batch of yarn I have ever used. If this is the new trend in expensive animal fiber yarns, I'm turning this puppy around at the next junction and heading to an acrylic store and never look back.

I have attached a picture of me wearing the sweater sans arms or bottom 2x2 ribbing. Notice you don't see any blemishes. When I turn it inside out and lay it flat and curl the yarn where I am going to have to weave in the ends it's a friggen mess.

Thanks KnitPicks for taking my very first sweater for my son and making it a nightmare.

Thanks guys, for listening to me rant. I will be sending the same letter to Knit Picks and maybe they will do the correct thing and credit the account even though I've made the sweater look least in my humble opinion.

Be well, boys!

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Beautiful, even knitting...but terrible yarn!
Hope you send Knitpicks the pictures too.
...and you should post on the Knitpicks group on ravelry.

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Nice looking sweater. Too bad that the yarn was less than the best. I hope your son gets lots of wear out of the finished piece, though.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Mark, your son's sweater looks good. Did you knit it from the top down?

Your gripe with Knitpicks Is justified. I was unhappy with them because they wouldn't post to Australia until a friend gave me some of their yarn. I could see how they sold so cheaply because the yarn I had was rubbish.

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The Sweater He Grows! Mon Dieu! I did not know that Poirot he knits! I agree with the others that the Knitpicks yarn is disappointing. Your knitting, however, He Is Magnifique!

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So great to have your invigorating and incisive commentary back, Albert. Don't you dare go away again, please.

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It's beyond outrageous, Mark. How do they get away with it? In my three years of knitting I've never encountered anything like that. I would not have had the patience to deal with it. I'm happy to see that it has not deterred you. Your son's sweater is beautiful. You have, indeed, knitted a silk purse from a sow's ear. Congratulations.

Swish worsted squirrel heather. The yarn sounds like it was spun by the worst squirrels they could find. I have to admit that I kind of like saying, "swish worsted squirrel heather," though. But after a few beers it morphs into "squish worsted swirl heather".

Seriously though, yarn like that is just crap. How can they get away with it? They should refund all your money and send you some good yarn on top of it just for all of the aggravation.

But well done. It's coming along beautifully. I'm looking forward to seeing the final product.

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Thanks for your support and kind words. I actually heard from a guy from KnitPicks and he is refunding me the total price of the 15 skeins. That is great until you realize that it doesn't make using the last 7 skeins something I look forward to. I am going to unwind each of the skeins and put them on my shift then rewind the ball on my winder...something that the people who made the yarn should have done to inspect it. The guy, Aaron, from the company said, "Please again accept my personal apologies that this has happened. I would hate to lose a loyal customer over what I truly believe to be an isolated incident." How I hate it when I register a complaint with any company and they make it seem as though I am the ONLY person on the planet who has had that problem. I laugh at them and tell them I am not that important, or that stupid.

I will say this for the crappy yarn, it has made me a more accomplished knitter in terms of joining yarns on the fly. I am still the kind of person who tries to find a way to learn something from unfortunate situations. I have actually developed a neat way to weave the yarn in as I knit instead of having to go back and weave it in with a needle. I'll test it a few more times before I post it.

Again, thanks for the support.


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Your sweater looks great! Sorry to hear of your experience with knitpicks. i've used them a lot in the past and never had a problem like this. I'm glad they try to fix it. I hear they're really good about that.


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UPDATE: Knit Picks contacted me after I sent them pictures and told them my continuing saga. They have refunded me for the entire 15 skeins of yarn. I will unwind and rewind all the skeins that remain just so this won't catch me off guard again. I will probably make this a regular task before knitting. It upsets me, but it's the safest way to double check the quality of yarns. Unfortunately, I still have the bottom 2" of the torso left then both arms. Hopefully, there aren't too many more breaks.