Joben's Back - Jane Ellison's Noro Men

Good Evening All,

Well the back for Jane Ellison's pattern Joben came off the needles just before supper. Thought you'd enjoy seeing the progress. It measures 22" wide X 27-1/2" long. Now I've got a major decision to make. Do I do it as a pull over as she designed it or put a zipper down the front as I have been contemplating. I think I'll sleep on it and see how I feel in the morning.

Regards to all and happy knitting and spinning everyone,


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If you decide to put in a zip will you steek the front to make sure the stripes match, or will you take a chance that the match will be close enough? Looks good so far.

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I almost always match the color way on the sides and arms particularly if I am only using color, say moro 149. However since this is using up stash and I do not have access to more of these two color ways I want to be sure I have enough fibre to complete the project - so no. The colors will land by chance alone.


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In my zippering experience, it was a nightmare finding the right size zip after I'd finished (although I know that some fancy knitters on here have got made to measure ones). Whatabout adding a border if you're going to cut it and then you could attach the zipper to it or make button holes or poppers ... Snap fasteners in USspeak.

It looks great though....


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Thanks for the insight. My plan is for the zipper. I have a black one that I'll be using and have made sure the size will work. If something is a-miss when it's completed I'll go one of the paths you suggest.