Inspired by the knitting on this blog.

Good Morning All,

Yesterday I went out in search of two skeins of Noro tho finish the sweater I've been working on and stopped in one of my favorite yarn shops in St. Louis - Knitorious. It's hard for me when I am in shop like this to stick to just getting what I came for. As I sat at their table knitting a few rows my mind drifted to two projects recently post on this blog. I am alway inspired by several things going on here.

Before I knew it I was day dreaming of Quinton's ambitious project of knitting his way through Cheryl Oberle's designs in her book Folk Shawls. He has been posting many wonderful completed garments. We recently saw his finished shawl Kimono - how lovely it turned out. I have a lovely yarn in my stash that would work up wonderfully in that pattern - found the book and added it to the two noro skeins waiting for me at the counter.

As I continued knitting I though of Mark's current project of the top down Raglan he is working on (it's time we saw another picture of the progress Mark) an that got me thinking of another yarn in my stash that I have been saving for just the right project. I've never done a top down pattern and got up and went in search of another book. I found a wonderful book by Bruce Weinstein with photographs from JAred Flood called Knits Men Want and saw a pattern that would be great to try in this style. Added it to my growing pile.

After knitting awhile longer my mind began to drift again - got up and paid my bill and left before I purchase something else. But what a great afternoon I spent on an overcast day. So thanks guys.

Happy Knitting All,



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I suspect if you had stayed there a while longer you would now be the proud owner of a yarn shop.

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I am flattered that my knitting rambled through your mind while at the knitting store. I find myself doing the same thing. I consider myself a mental knitter on many occasions when I can't knit, like when I am at school proctoring a mind-numbing standardized test. I often mentally review what I have read here and the beautiful works that are presented on this site.

JRob...I have posted a new picture of the sweater I am knitting...the one with the yarn from Hell.
I have posted it on this site plus I have it on Ravelry at

Thankfully, the yarn in the current skein is actually intact with no breaks or frays.

I have the book Knits Men Want and really do find it a beautiful presentation. I have worked through some of the projects, or at least parts of some of the projects, and whenever I have a question, I fire it off to the author Bruce Weinstein and I'm always pleased to get a pretty speedy response. I have found that to be the case with several authors of books and Web sites. He has a nice new site now at

By the way, how are the briefs you started coming along? I am in search of a pattern for some boxer/briefs to keep my nether regions nice and toasty warm on long winter hikes. Make sure you write down the pattern for us!

Again, thanks for keeping me in your thoughts.


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Great essay and tribute to our fellow MWKers.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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JRob, Knitorious is my favorite yarn store as well. I live mabe ten minutes away from it and hardly a week goes by that I'm not in there for one thing or another. Sandy, the proprieter, is a gem. I've been to yarn stores accross the country and nothing even comes close to Knitorious in inventory, helpfulness, ambiance and just plain feeling welcome. We have to run into each other sometime.

I completely agree with how inspirational this site is. As a matter of fact, if it weren't for this site I'd be pretty much knitting in a vacuum. Most of the knitting books I have were reccomended by someone here as well as most of my favorite fibers and projects. I shutter to think what my knitting life would be like without these guy to talk to.

Hope to see around the neighborhood.

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I have actually tried knitting in a vacuum; it made my ears 'pop'.