Suggestions for a Sample Afghan.

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After the holidays are over, I am looking forward to creating a sample afghan. I want to put a variety of patterns and colors in the afghan. Does anyone have any suggestions for some cool patterns / stitches that would go into the afghan? The squares will be 10 inches squared and the completed work will be as big as it will be. I am not going to limit myself on how big the completed project should or will be. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Well there's the Great American Afghan and the Great American Aran Afghan. The Great American Aran Afghan is all white but it's got lots of different Aranesque (read cabley) patterns in it. Each pattern is one foot square and there are 20 squares. The Great American Afghan has different colors (mostly greens and browns) and a wide variety of different patterns. These two afghan patterns come in magazine-style booklets which I found at a local yarn shop. If you google "The Great American Afghan" you'll get some pictures. All the best with it...

PS I bought both books when I was a new knitter, thinking that they would be interesting projects that would teach me a lot. And that's true. They ARE interesting projects and they WOULD teach me a lot if I ever got around to them but other projects came up in the meantime that grabbed my attention. I'm not sorry I got the books though. As far as blankets and afghans go, the one that has got my attention now is the one Ken-in-Maine posted about recently: the bee-keeper's quilt. I find that a lot more interesting than either of the Great American Afghans.

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Tom had a couple of great suggestions. Another is Barbara Walker's book about a sampler afghan but I can't remember the exact title. However, you could just get a stitch dictionary and pick out patterns that appeal to you and knit up squares - or strips - that you can put together. Either way, I hope you have a lot of fun with the afghan.

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I was just going to recommend stitch dictionaries too. For example, the Vogue Knitting Book. Find stitches in there you'd like to try and master and make your squares. You may also want to consider a couple of stockinette squares thrown in to help bring out the detail of the squares around them. I made a sampler afghan a few years ago by using a book of washcloth patterns--for the patterns, not for the cotton yarn. It was a great way to learn a few techniques and made up a beautiful sampler afghan, which I still enjoy. Whatever you decide, just have fun with it.