Knitted Necklace

My first jewelry and bead project. I used Lion Brand steel/wool and glass beads from the local bead store in VT. I also picked up Toho Shoji magnetic clasp and metal rings. I love this project so much I went to Habu Textiles and bought three more yarn choices and some semi-precious beads, etc (in NYC). The LYS in VT loved it so much they want me to teach a knitting w/ beads class.

I think I've come a long way in two years of picking up a pair of needles.

I had to find the most feminine shirt and shave to do my photo shoot. I crack myself up. :)


Sea Lace Necklace


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I think this necklace is great! And you make a good model too...! Not only am I an obsessed knitter, I do Native American inspired beadwork. What a way to marry beads and knitting.

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I can't imagine doing such intricate work; but then my hands are the size of canned hams. I look forward to seeing more fo's. Quite impressive!

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That's a beautiful necklace Sean (regardless of shave :)) , it looks like Sea Lace which I've made twice now. The second time was for a friend who wanted it to pick out the colours of a flower in her garden, it is such a versatile pattern.

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It is the SeaLace necklace. Forgot to put think link:

I always use metal needles and when I did the turn sometimes they would slip off the stitches. Very annoying but after awhile I got the maneuver down. I wouldn't recommend black thread for the first time. Was hard to see what was going on but after awhile the pattern was very easy to put down and pick back up.

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Very nice work. Congratulations.

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