Tats and purses

OK, gonna try for the tattoo again tomorrow night. Hopefully, I'll like the design and the guy won't be on jury duty again. Secondly, I figure I've really got to get my ass in gear to get 3-4 more purses and 2-3 more pairs of clogs done before Christmas. Started a new purse last night. Doing it all in Plymouth Outback, kinda a green/beige mix, I think its called an Elizabeth Bag, I like it cuz you put the handle on holders and its all knitted up, you dont' have to do Icord or poke it thru afterwards etc.. Anyway, it seems to be going pretty fast. Got the bottom knitted, picked up all my sides, and got 3-4 rows in the round done last night. Have 55 rows or so to do in the round. I will take a picture will all my creations and post it in the near future. Later dudes.



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I was just wondering... can you call the tat shop and find out if the guy is going to be there? It might save you a day of wondering! :)

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Ok, you have to show me the clogs when I get to Ok C next month. I really want to be knitting some up, but haven't had the time yet to sit and figure out the pattern. maybe we can do that together!

Jonathan in DC

Think less, enjoy it more.

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kewl. I have a couple of pairs done. They aren't that hard, but you do have to really keep track while you're knitting them. You do a lot of twist and turns and they are definitely a pattern you can't just do as you chat and talk in the yarn store etc... Requires alot of concentration. I xerox the pattern and highlight all the numbers that I need to do. It depends what size youare making as to the number of stitches and so when I highlight them, again, I hopefully won't make mistakes. got my tatttoo last night. I love it! Took 3 1/2 hours! Yikes!

Talk to you later.