Possum Yarn Anyone?

Good Evening Guys,

Well the Noro Sweater I've made for myself is all seamed together and I only have to sew in the zipper tomorrow so I should be getting a photo of the finished product on the blog tomorrow. I am really please with the way it turned out.

The first snow of the season has been falling in St. Louis. Nice but no accumulation to speak of. So with the fire going in the fireplace I've settled in to my favorite chair and have begum a new project. I wanted something fast. So I selected a piece of lace featured in the Winter 2010 issue of Spin Off. The pattern is a sweet shawlette to be used as a scarf. Last Christmas (2011) in my stocking I received two skeins of Rimu Possum Yarn by Zealana from New Zealand from my wife. One is called Kiwi and the other Tomato. She had a wild vision of the yarn company sending out the staff to pick up road kill for recycling. It is knitting up wonderfully and has a great feel. The fibre is 60% New Zealand merino and 40% Possum. I'll post a picture once I am done and it is blocked. My wife loves the color green so I am giving it to her on her birthday in January.

Have a great weekend everyone,



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Well...she's not too far off the mark LOL. Possum yarn is NOT an animal friendly yarn (like that's going to stop me) but none the less some people don't like it for this reason. The very cute little critters are not native to NZ but were brought in from Australia. They have no natural predators to keep the population down, they bread quickly and can eat vast qualities of vegetation daily. One other item of note, some people are highly allergic to the fiber, a couple of staff at Knitter's magazine had extreme respiratory issues from having the yarn in their offices. Much like a sever allergy to cats, which I have, but not possum...go figure. One other fun fact, possum and polar bear fur are the only hairs that are hollow straw like tubes, therefor the warmest of fur because of the air trapped in the tube for insulation.


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I found that yarn while visiting a LYS and was intrigued by the softness of a ribbed scarf that was sitting on the table next to the collection of yarn. I especially liked the halo effect that the possum fur added to to the look of the scarf. It was really nice to work with and I liked the finished project but was disappointed that after blocking the scarf it didn't have the same halo effect. Back to the shop for another visit, I asked the store owner about my disappointment. She asked how I had blocked the scarf. I didn't pay attention to the label and hadn't realized the yarn was machine washable. I don't normally purchase machine washable wool. Anyway, I went home and threw the scarf in the washer on gentle cycle and low and behold the wool bloomed. Your wife is generous and has good taste in fibers. That yarn is pricey but worth it. Hope you enjoy working with it. Don't think about how the possum hair is obtained. The NZ possum is not indigenous to NZ and is threatening indigenous flightless bird populations by raiding and eating the eggs. And with no natural predators the cute little buggers are taking over. I hope that the recipient of the scarf I made doesn't have an allergy to the possum. Enjoy your yarn.