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I have a question that maybe someone can help me with. I'm knitting a market bag in the round with 24" circulars. Starts off with a stockinette stitch base for support and the body is a simple (K2tog, YO) lace pattern. Everything looks great except for where the round joins between the last and first stitch. It looks like a very loose join, and ladder like instead of twisted.


I'll post pictures if this isn't clear enough.


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Can I ask which bag you are doing? My four bags to be honest show my beginning of round to the closely examining eye. On my later bags I just made a point to pull that one a little firmer. Your fiber can also play into it. I used a hemp and linen blend and they just don't hide little tension changes like wools and even good acrylics (*gasp* yes, this yarn snob put the words good and acrylic together. They do exist, I've seen them) will.

Long story short, diagonally up your bag you are going to have a single column that looks a bit different. With wear and usage which mine get plenty of it tends to even out.

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I agree with AKQGuy.

There will be a funny-looking "stripe" up the side of your knitting. It's because of the "jog" between rounds that is part of knitting in the round: we're knitting a spiral, not perfect, discreet rounds laid on one another.

Also: I just looked at some market bags I knitted in YO, K2tog followed by a knit round, and the space that looks untwisted really *is* twisted, but it isn't as wide as the rest of them. If you stretch your knitting open, you'll see it's twisted too.

As AKQG says, it really isn't as noticeable once your article is in use. You really have to be looking for it.

Another thing about that wale of sts: the st that you make when you K2tog is longer than the others. AFAIK, that's just the way it is.


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I have found that most laddering disappears upon blocking.

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I agree this happens to a lot at the beginning with knitting in the round. I know make sure to when knitting the beginning round stitches and ending stitches I pull a little snugger to not get that ladder.

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What you can try is casting on one extra stitch... The first one you cast on will be knitted (or purled together) with the last stitch. That basically helps hide that space altogether.

Check these out too:


tech knitting

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Are you using a single circular or two circs? When using two circs you sometimes develop a "ladder" between the needles. I mark my beginning of round and shift the stitches on my needles by several every round.

It can be a little confusing as the beginning of round no longer coincides with the swapping of needles but it does eliminate the laddering.

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I do pull a bit tighter on the stitch at the beginning of a new round, just to make sure everything's nice and snug. As Robert says, it's really a spiral, and this is where it moves to the next level so there might be some visible jog but it shouldn't be much. And remember, to make the first stitch tighter, you pull on the yarn when starting the second stitch.

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