Yes, I'm Still Alive!

For all of you that have been asking, and you know who you are, yes, I am still a living, breathing human being.

I've been busy trying to buy the condo that I have been living in but the owners don't want to sell. Well, I wanna buy so I've been looking for suitible property all over the city. I figure that if I don't eat, sit in the dark and hitch-hike to work I can swing this.

But that means more of that damn packing and unpacking that I've been doing since July! Crap.

My best to you all and hope things are going well in your necks of the woods.


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well, if you buy then you shouldn't have to do the packing and unpacking thing much more.... and if you "misplace" some yarn during the process - a good excuse to enhance the stash!

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I freaking hope so Lars. That's why it is taking me so long to find a place. I need to uproot the farm!
Loves ya!

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Chris, good luck with your venture. I think it is so important to own your house if at all possible. Keep smiling.

Well, it's about bloody time - that's what I have to say about that. Good to hear that you're ok and pushing those engines of commerce to their limits! Hope you find what you really want and need. Best post pics of the new digs!

Many hugs at ya, Bud.
~Mike in Tampa (where Fall has fled again and Summer is back like a bad cold . . . sigh. . . )

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We love you Chris, I hope you know that. And that Vittadini yarn I sent you makes great mittens, which will come in handy when you come up north to visit!

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i'm definitely with Mmario on this one....tho' i'm hoping you'll have an eye out for enough space to have a real stash-room. it's a personal dream of mine. lol.

i actually had a renaissance fair/leather dominatrix/trekker/knitter gal quote the Ferengi rules of acquisition to me about buying yarn.

be good,