Hey there!

hey hey! My name is Anders. Im a noob on these forums so I thought i'd say hello c: I am a fairly new knitter and so far my completed projects consist of 6 hats I knit for new years gifts and I am now working on a pullover sweater. I really would like to find a pattern for some knit pants or a knit jumpsuit so if you know of any free patterns for any of those please send me a link or something. I like Tweed Yarn and Norwegian Wool yarn btw.

Happy knitting


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Welcome, Anders. I love the photo you use...great looking black cat. For patterns, check into what's available at your local library and there is also a pattern search function over on Ravelry. [If you haven't joined yet, I recommend it.] There are several forums for men who knit - and other interests - and the pattern search engine can be set up to only look for Free Patterns. I hope you enjoy our little community as much as I do.

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Thank you Joe. The cat isn't actually mine xD its my friend's. I wouldn't mind having a cat though. Anyways, yeah I have a ravelry account and I dod find a pattern for reversible pants so I might try that after I'm finished with my sweater Im working on.