Shawlette - Spinoff Winter 2010 Off the Needles - Blocked & Done

Good Morning Guys,

Well the NEw Zealand Possum Shawlette came off the needles this morning. The one skein of Possum I had was not enough to complete the project so I paired it with a cranberry color wool from my stash to complete the boarder. It is Lanaloft 100% wool from the Brown Sheep Company. Now all I need to do is block it this afternoon. I post a complete picture when she dries.

Here are two additional pictures of the garment being blocked. I block on foam pieces that I got at Walgreen's - Cheap. You can rearrange easily to suit the size of the item being blocked. Also nice because moisture stays on the blocks. Easy to pin into - a really good solution to other methods I've tried. I'll post one last picture when the shawlette comes of once she is dry.

Well here is a picture (color squirrelly under artificial lights) of how I envision my wife wearing it.

Regards to All,


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Thunderhorse54's picture

Great work!!! I like the idea of the foam pieces for blocking. I think that's why I stay away from blocked projects. I'm gonna get some!!!!

Tom Hart's picture

Outstanding work! Superbly done. Intriguing to look at.

Lace really is a horse of a different color. I've seen a lot of lace work on this site. (The only place I've really ever seen lace work for that matter.) But it just hit me looking at your piece that I could not tell where the rows are. I couldn't really tell which stitch followed which or which stitch was above or below any other. The stitches all seem to be of different sizes and they all seem to fly off in different directions. It strikes me that it's more like a web than a piece of cloth. In any case, it's a beautiful piece of work. Congratulations!

PS I'm kind of wondering why we never see any crocheted lace work. It seems like it would be easier to crochet lace than to knit it. Maybe I'll look into that. I knew how to crochet before I learned how to knit. Since I learned to knit I've only ever used a crochet hook to bind off or pick up dropped stitches. I'll have to check that out...

Kiwi Trevor's picture

Looks great. Pleased to hear that someone is using our Possum fur----- it is hollow fiber and that is why it is so warm and light weight! Well done and have a great New year!

Bill's picture

there's an article in the holiday issue of Vogue knitting about Zealana possum, silk, cashmere blend... and a full page about a New Zealand trip as the prize in a Vogue knitting contest...sponsored by Zealana yarns.

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Great looking shawlette and a good pairing of yarns - colorwise and such. Congratulations.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

teejtc's picture

It looks great! I really like the colors, too.

Grace and peace,