Finished scarf and blocked it...yay!

Kind of took a break at the beginning but got the energy going and finsihed my first cable project! Erica Knight on to something new :)

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JRob's picture

Congrats. Love the color. It's always such an accomplishment to finish a new technique for the first time.


Tom Hart's picture

Wow, nice job! Those are some seriously fat cables you got going on there. It looks like it's a pleasure to wear. Congratulations!

Great job,


CLABBERS's picture

That will certainly keep you nice and warm. I could have used that today while hiking in 20-degree weather. Beautiful job!


WillyG's picture

Woot! Love the color and the big texture. What is the yarn?

pringer77's picture

It was Rowan's big wool color s Zing!

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Quite nice. And now you can add cables to your technique list.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Oh very nice! And it looks so warm too. Great job on the cables.