Diagonal striped baby blanket

Had fun with this. It's all stockinet te body with seed border and my new favorite edge, I-cord using a blue ribbon and five stitches

The yarn was Caron merino

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Wowser!! Any chance of more pictures? With the blanket fully laid out, like? So we can see it better? Does the yarn stripe itself like that? Is the iCord (sorry, couldn't help it) edge applied after the body of the work is completed or is it incorporated into the work as you go along? And what is Caron merino? When I think of Caron, I think of acrylic. Is Caron merino a merino (wool) superwash? The stripes came out perfectly. Did that happen all by itself? It's a beautiful project with awesome colors. Some baby's mother is going to be quite pleased, I'd say...

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That is wonderful and those colors! I love using bold wonderful jewels mixed with mor traditional for kids. Great work!

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That is wonderful and those colors! I love using bold wonderful jewels mixed with mor traditional for kids. Great work!

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I agree. Really nice color choices. I too love rich jewel tones for baby items. Nice work and good proportion on the widths of the stripes. I am gaining an appreciation of seed stitch as well.


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Absolutely gorgeous!

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thanks all. to answer some questions: yes, i will have more photos. trying to color correct the ones with it laying flat. it was not self striping yarn. i used seven different colors. i applied the iCord afterwards, picking up around the edge. the yarn, caron country, i think, here's the link http://www.naturallycaron.com/shade_cards/country_sh.html is merino wool and acrylic blend. not sure percentages. i just made up the stripes as i went, probably did a better job further on, but i'll let you guess which end i started with.

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Great colors. I like the tag. Where did you get those?

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The tags were a gift but I have seen many companies online that let you customize your label

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Very nice, Steve. I knit a similar blanket for a friend and loved how it came out but found it a bit stressful towards the end...I should've watched some video or listened to music to make it go better. But that is just me...I lose interest after a while on long projects.

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Very nicely done! Love the colors. I made a solid yellow one last year similar to yours and took satin ribbon, also yellow, and wove it through the yarn over holes around the edge and tied them at each corner. Gotta love timeless design!