Annie's tank

Finally got a picture of my freind Annie in the tank I knit her for her birthday.


Beautiful tank for a beautiful lady. The colour is lovely and I like the detail on the armhole edges.

CLABBERS's picture

Great sweater, Scott!
Annie is lucky to have a wonderful friend like you. I like the treatment you did around the armholes. Gives it an extra touch of fashion.
Well done, my friend. :)


AKQGuy's picture

Wonderful work! And quite fetching on a beautiful lady.

ronhuber's picture

Are the armholes done in a picot and hem? They are beautiful as is the sweater and model.

scottly's picture

It's a crochet edge, the neck is trimmed the same way.

Bill's picture

sweater is beautiful...Annie looks like an absolute delight!!!

scottly's picture

Thanks all! Annie is one of my oldest friends and I love to make things for her. She is tiny, looks good in anything and loves everything I do for her - the perfect knitting recipient.

Tom Hart's picture

It looks so perfect on her, Scott! I wonder if she realizes how great of a model she is. That's a great picture. Congratulations!

davidUK's picture

Looks great

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Very nice and we can tell that she really enjoys having it.

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