My updated Willie Warmer pattern is now online. (Shameless self-promotion.)

Well, if you don't toot your own horn from time to time, there may not be any music at all. So there. ;-)

I first published this pattern to the GLBT knit-list ( ) in late 2002. After unexpectedly coming across a hard copy of the post, I went over the pattern and decided it had to be redone.

So I gave it a facelift, added instructions for an additional size, added some pictures, a little of this and some of that.

It's linked at Ravelry ( ) on QueerJoe's knitting blog ( ) and is housed at the Men's Knitting Retreat website: ( ). Have a look at the website, maybe sign up, then get the pattern under the Background/Media Links tab.

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Bill's picture

Very nicely done!
...I'm tempted to knit one as one of my projects at the Madrona Fiber event...(mostly women)

raydio's picture

Well, I'm sure they'll love it. Tee-hee. Do it...

ronhuber's picture

Bill, I wish I were closer as I would love to take one of your classes. What are you teaching?

Bill's picture

I'm teaching a class about "cutting up your knitting".
I literally knit a tube, cut a zipper steek, armscye shapes and neck...then insert zipper, knit sleeveless armscye bindings, knit a neck trim...cut diagonal pocket openings, insert sewn pockets, pick up stitches and knit a welt...
...a lot of things that knitters are afraid to do.
I cut and tailor waistcoats from knitted fabric.
I make Teddy Bears of cut up knitted fabric.

CLABBERS's picture

Hi Robert,
What fun! I am making a different willie warmer now and I'm not as fond of the pattern as the one you have. I am going to abandon mine and give yours a try. I like that it is seamless. I have a friend in chilly cold northern Wisconsin and one in frosty IL that will appreciate getting them...if only for a good laugh, but I suspect that they will both wear them. :) Thanks for sharing it.

raydio's picture

Thank-you Mark. My WW has always been meant to be worn.

If you make it nice a roomy (5-6 sts per inch, depending) WW, your garment will be warmly received. It's fun for knitter's that like having some construction to attend to, some counting, over brainless knitting.


bobinthebul's picture

Hehe a willy warmer was the first project that I ever did in the round. A good one to learn on actually, not nearly such a commitment as a sock.

I wonder if anyone actually wears these regularly? Probably not really a good idea, as the whole idea of scrota is to keep things below ambient body temperature...