The Model, The Result

A friend on FB had sent me this model. Couldn't resist to get the kneedles out and clicked away

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Very Nice!!!!!! I love those two colours together! I may have to knit one myself...

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Beautiful sweater and beautiful work. Could you tell us more about how you did the neckline? Congratulations.

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Finished teh neckline with the crab stitich. Made a seperate scarf, same colours.

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I agree...the color choice is beautiful together. What yarn did you use? I also like the neckline. Did you follow a pattern or just go off the picture?

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100 % wool (Elle). No pattern just the picture, neckline is a simple crab stitch, made a little scarf with the same colours.

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Great work! That is one good looking sweater.

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Very good work. That sweater is well designed in that it flatters youngsters and more mature models. Thanks for sharing.

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Really superb! Well done!