Greetings from the tundra

So it's like this, guys. A friend asked me to knit something for an elderly relative in assisted living, so I knitted her a big cowl, which led to me to puttering around with some stash yarn and big needles. Well, after a few martinis, some bulky cowls appeared and seemed to catch the eye of some female friends. Here are a few pics of what some big needles in the tundra have turned out in the past week. The fringe was just a lark, but turned out to be rather fun. Without the fringe, 4 male friends are now keeping their torsos warm in our sub-zero weather.



AKQGuy's picture

Very nice work. Don't forget some nice warm pieces for you too.

J Chi's picture

Really like the gray one. Do you have a pattern or was it just free knitting?

chicquette's picture

Written patterns are free at my design store on the Ravelry website.

Bill's picture

Those are WONDERFUL!!!
...I'd even wear them with fringe...

chicquette's picture

Thanks, Bill. I have a black one with fringe that I like. A great piece to have hanging around my neck with sub-zero windchills.

chicquette's picture

Good point. I have made 3 for myself, but have ended up giving them away to people who probably needed them more than I. Plus, I have so much yarn in my stash that I can always knit up another one fairly easily.

CLABBERS's picture

Beautiful work, Lou!
You know that I am so fond of your work. The cowls are a great idea; the tassels just make them even more special. You are a very talented designer as well! I'm sure they are well appreciated in your neck of the woods with all the cold and snow you get.
Thanks for sharing such superb workmanship. I am going over to Ravelry and see about downloading a few and maybe even attempt something with the BIG needles that you use.