Help and advice please on Two Colour Knitting

Hello everyone. Now I want to pick the brains of all you wonderful knitters.

I am knitting some socks with two colours, stranding the wool across the back as I go. Now, this is all rather new to me and I wanted to take a couple of pictures and ask if I am doing it too tight, or if anything looks wrong to you guys. It has some give and I am not stranding over more than four stitches (I read somewhere that was the maximum you could do).

Any advice guys? Anything will be appreciated. Simon

UPDATE: Well I've added another picture showing how the pattern is progressing. The only thing I am doing which seems to work for me but I do hold the yarn in an odd way (Well, I'm English, we're all a little odd!) I hold both yarns between my first and second finger and just choose the correct colour with each stitch. Seems to keep both the tensions correct (so far) and it feels comfortable to me. But I do feel more confident about carrying on after your abundant good advice. Thanks chaps.

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Looks just great to my eye. Good tension evident.

Two pieces of advice, since you ask!

Make a swatch. Wash it, dry it, step on it, twist it, stretch it, pull it over your knee, spank it, publicly humiliate it, put it in your shoe and go shopping and murdalize that unctuous swatch. Then check the tension. If it holds up, you can spend your days in happy knowledge that your tension, with that stitch, with that yarn, is acceptable.

My other piece of advice...if someone passing by on horseback, at dusk, with the object in question lit only by a kerosene lantern notices the offending flaw in your eyes...start over.

Enjoy your work and your products.

Great colors, by the way. Talley Ho!

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LOL, you have a unique way of turning a phrase sir! I enjoyed reading your post and shall remember it when I attempt this technique.

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Simon, it looks good.
My one thought is try to be consistent. Not sure how you hold your yarns...but try to always keep the dark in the same hand all the time, and the same with the light yarn. I always bring the dark from underneath and the light from the top. can often see a difference if you switch the system.

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Thanks for the advice guys - I'm progressing slowly and hope to finish them one day soon. Simon

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Looks quite nice, Simon. The tension is even and it looks like there should be enough stretch. However, you really won't know until there's enough length to try it on. One word of extra careful with the stretch in the leg area, as that's where it will be needed the most for the calf.

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Looking pretty magnificent, Simon! Love that salamander motif. Is that a British or Welsh thing or just a random motif you picked? I don't know what makes me think that. It just seems kind of Arthurian or mythic or something...

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Thanks Tom - the lizard pattern is just random - I rather liked it too. Living in Wales I've found myself knitting dragon after dragon (always red as that is Welsh). But being from London originally I always feel that the odd white dragon should be included in my knitting (the white dragon is English).

The legend goes that Merlin was asked to solve the mystery of rumblings in the ground below an ancient castle. He had a dream, and in that dream he saw two dragons fighting in a cave below the castle, one red and the other white. The white dragon stood victoriously over the red dragon but then the red dragon fought back and although battered the red dragon was ultimately victorious. Showing that one day, although the English had been victorious in the past the Welsh people would rise again!!!! Great story, eh. No wonder the Welsh love their dragons.

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I'm doing some stranded colour work at the moment and have found the easiest way is to hold the main colour in the right hand and the pattern colour in the left and knit it continentally. I can't purl with my left hand, bute the knit stitch is easy and stops everything getting tangled.