Buttons! Get me buttons, quick!

Shamelessly copied from my 'other' blog, so that I can go finish my movie and make some patches for the manshawl I recently mentioned... the lovely folks at the nursing home got it caught in the bed mechanisms and ripped some nasty holes in it. (At least I know it's greatly appreciated by the one who counts!)

Guess who just finished his epic (belated) Rhinebeck Sweater!!! Well, all but ten buttons... I still have yet to find the right ones since revising the band.

Just finished!

I don't mind its quirks so much, now that I can see it completed. The problem with a sweater that you can try on to get the perfect sleeve length is the way you can always pull it on too far or not far enough, and psych yourself out.

Just finished!

Better pictures will come once the buttons are added. Talk about a huge item checked off my list! I'm kinda loving this sweater right now; the house is a bit chilly tonight.

The yarn is Spud & Chloe Sweater (a lovely cotton and wool blend); I improvised this sweater using Barbara Walker's Knitting From the Top as my guide. It's definitely been one of those projects that whoops your butt. I think I've survived, though, and perhaps my biggest achievement is having just the right amount of yarn.

A special "thank you" to Bill for helping me get my rear in gear to finish this thing. Now to find those big red rhinestone buttons...


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Willy, the sweater is wonderful. You did a great job designing it and I can tell you that I know how satisfied you must feel. Everything about it is so perfect. Congratulations.

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Thanks so much!
I have to take it off now so I can sleep... *sigh.*

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I'm so proud of you!!! ( I want one for me...WITH the rhinestone buttons!)

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Great work on a truly nice looking sweater. Sorry to hear of the damage to the shawl. Hope it doesn't occur again.

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Thanks! The daughter of the shawl recipient keeps telling me how much he loves it, so I'm eager to get it fixed soon. As time allows, I hope I may recreate it (and tweak things a bit). A much-loved knit is as much fun for me as it is for the recipient. It reminds me of the time my dad lost his vest that I made, and felt terrible when he told me; my predominant thought was simply "Wow, he really liked it!"

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Soooo jealous! I can't design!

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I can't design either. I've tried, and just don't have the patience. But I also cannot knit a pattern without tweaking things; it just doesn't feel justifiable if I don't add something unique to a handknitted item. Otherwise, why not save the time and money and just buy a sweater that actually fits?
So I make truly handmade items, including the awkward bits. Heck-- after over a decade of turning out 'crap', the only thing I've learned is that it's okay to rip back and try again.

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What a great looking sweater! You did an awesome job on it. You should be very proud. Yes, it takes some time, but all good things don't happen over night, I'm told.

I do like that shawl collar. It's exactly what I would like on my sweater -- which I am designing in my head. As you say, you actually have to get started in order to have it finished. All knitting has to be done one stitch at a time.

You did learn a few things with this one, I'm sure. The next one will be much easier. I always have to make "improvements" to any pattern I use as well. You can now design your own sweater. So the next step is to actually spin your own yarn -- on a spindle, too! Then it will be truly yours.

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I just threw on a vest I made several years back, and it also has a shawl collar... I just love having my neck wrapped up. I'd make a great Elizabethan lady, perhaps.

You're so right about the spinning... I have the wool, but I have mostly neglected it because I keep knitting stuff! Spinning for projects is one of my goals this year - though I don't think I'm ready to spin the sweater's worth yet.
Have you spun a sweater's worth on a spindle?

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Wow! Really magnificent job, Willy. I've just started my first sweater (bottom-up cardigan). Don't really know what I'm doing but figure that won't really be a problem till I get to the arm holes. And that's miles away. I plan to do a similar collar to yours. I hope you get some buttons soon and post some more pictures. Congratulations! Awesome work.

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Thanks! I am a big fan of a big shawl collar; I love the way it can change looks and fit as needed by unbuttoning the top button/s. It's so comfy!

I did get buttons; I'm hoping I might get some decent light during tomorrow's snowstorm for a few pictures... we'll see. For now, Bill's re-touch will have to suffice. :)

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Very nice sweater, Willy. If you can find those big ruby buttons, it would really be a dazzler. However, I'm certain the ones you've already picked out are perfect.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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