The lads in the Northeast

I was watching the news tonight and they said that from Long Island to Boston they’re just getting their ass kicked with this winter blizzard tonight.

Out here in San Francisco, the only thing comparable to that are earthquakes. And since 1989 we’ve been lucky on that score, knocking on wood. I can’t imagine three feet of snow stacking up in front of my front door overnight. And the wind. They say it’s like a hurricane in some places. Out here, the only times you’d ever encounter something on the order of that would be in books or movies.

Well I hope all you guys are OK back there. If your power hasn’t gone out, log on and tell us you’re OK. OK?

PS One of the things news commentators always says after something like this, where people are out of power for days and weeks on end in the middle of winter, is, “Why don’t they bury the power-lines?” They never do though...


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my daughter still has power,...the snow is above the car tires....
they go out and blow snow off the driveway every two hours, so they can get to the road, if necessary. They're worried about falling trees...

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I'm in Waterloo, New York. I have about twelve inches of snow right now. I think there's more to come. No power outtages as of yet. I have my knitting, coffee and chocolate. So I'm doing fine.

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Up here in Maine I have four to five feet of snow drifted on my driveway. Have not lost power thank God as the temps are in the teens and the hurricane force gusts are still blowing until tonight. Will begin digging out tomorrow morning. I expect it will take all day. I have a good snow blower and the snow is fluffy and dry- Deo gratias!!

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Our own storm has yet to arrive here in Wyoming but they aren't predicting near those amounts. I miss a good stay inside by the fire storm being from Alaska originally. There was always something fun about the digging out and shoveling the roof off a couple times a year.

You guys stay safe and warm. If nothing else hope the wind keeps the trees free of snow so they stay off the power lines.

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Hope all are doing well there...I have a friend whose convent is in a semi-rural community, so it makes me a bit concerned.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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My nephew in RI had a tree down across the drive - they got rid of that and the state plowed the road and blocked their drive. The snow there was so heavy they had to bring in a backhoe to open the drive!!!! The plow couldn't break through the heap from the road plow...

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