Garter 'n Bricks

Good Afternoon All,

This is Anne Norling's Pattern Garter 'n Bricks Pattern #38 in sizes Crib-Blanket-Afghan. I am making the blanket size for my grandson Bennett who was born the third week of September. I began it on New Year's Eve and just finished the halfway point. I have not had much time to work on it over the last several weekends do to a several weekend get-a-ways with my wife but I picket it up again this afternoon after lunch. Thought you'd like to see the progress. Not an complicated pattern but is great for a little boy who will be dragging it along by his side. They yarn is from the Plymouth Yarn Company and is called "coffee beenZ" 75% acrylic and 25% wool and was chosen because it is machine wash gentle and tumble dry low.


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Very good looking...I'd like an adult size version of that.

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I'd like one too, I'll get to it when I'm done with my UFO'S. I have WAAAY to many of those. hahaha.

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That's really a great looking blanket! The pattern looks like it would make a nice scarf as well. I'll have to look into that! I like the color choice as well. It will hide a lot as the young man drags it through the cat food, cat litter, out to the back yard, etc.

I can find several Crib-Blanket-Afghans. I can't see one that matches what you did. Which one is it?
Here's where I searched:

Thanks again for sharing. It really demonstrates wonderful workmanship!


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I can imagine a little boy loving that blanket. You've done some nice work there Sir!

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Very nice, I'm sure he'll love it! It looks like with a few size modifications, that would make a good full sized afghan as well.

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The pattern and your work are lovely. What a great gift.

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Thanks everyone for the kind words. I can not wait till its done though so I can get back to some lace and I also want a pair of new socks.


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You "are" allowed to work on two things at once...I usually do, because I get bored with big I rest myself with small ones along the way...

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I usually have several projects going at once but this time I am on a strict deadline to get this project done.


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Great blanket! The machine washable yarn is perfect for children's blankets. I agree with the others; that would make a wonderful adult-sized afghan.

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Thanks Ian. Hope your surviving your first winter in MN. Glad to see you posting.


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Very cool. Would like to try that pattern in afghan size.