Little Knitted Projects for Christmas

Well, last time I said I would post pictures of a few other things I made as Christmas gifts. It always takes me forever to go through the laborious task of transferring photos from the digital camera onto the computer.

1) mini Holiday stockings. The pattern is by Carissa Browning, and I found it on Ravelry. Quick and easy project done on size 7 dpns with some inexpensive Red Heart yarn. Perfect for filling with about five or six small pieces of chocolate.

2) Cafe au Lait Mitts. Again this one can be found on Ravelry and is by Paula McKeever. I did them up on size 5 dpns with Classic Elite's Fresco (DK weight). They were a gift for my sister, Angie - the same one who received the halter top. When I asked her what she would like me to make her for Christmas (suggesting one of several things: a hat, cowl, scarf, fingerless mittens), she and her friend just thought the idea of fingerless mittens - and the fact that I even knew what a cowl was - hysterical. I can't blame them. They live in Texas. Anyway, she asked for fingerless mitts, if for no other reason than because she thought they were funny. Who knows? She really liked them.

3) Heart Strings Mittens. Ravelry is 3 and 0. I'm so glad I joined. This pattern is by Crystal Guistinello. Only one is pictured because I hadn't yet made the second one when it was taken. I used the same Double Dutch Sock Yarn that I used on Zuzu's Petals. The mittens were made for my little 1-and-a-half-year-old niece, so I didn't make the strings. They could be dangerous... that, and I didn't want to make a tiny i-cord and sew on buttons. The cuffs were done up on size 1 dpns, and I was so terrified I'd break the impossibly thin bamboo needles. It was like knitting with dried spaghetti.

So those were some recently (or not so recently, depending on you judgment of time) finished projects. I am currently working on Stephen West's "Earth & Sky" in blue, green, and white Shepherds Wool. I also have a prayer shawl on the needles. Speaking of, here is a link to a brief article our province of friars posted about the Prayer Shawl retreat we held at the retreat center where I minister.

Happy knitting,

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Very nice! My wife is running a prayer shawl ministry at our church with a bunch of ladies participating. They get together one Saturday each month. I love Stephen West's designs. Can't wait to see your "Earth & Sky" as well as the prayer shawl.

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Wow! Good work. You're very busy. And that's a good thing

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Very nice batch of knitting. Thanks for the update.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Ian, great so see you posting. Love the work. I especially like the color of the mitten and the cafe patter. Well done.


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All of those are great!!!

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Fingerless mitts are great for air conditioned offices in hot areas - as are shawls and armwarmers!